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Most people around you will be of the opinion that video game tester jobs are very hard to get, and aren’t worth going after. There are many people who are game testers by profession, and they really love their jobs. They play games many months before the official release date and make money out of that!. Game tester jobs can be done part time from the comfort of your home. On top of this, you often get the full version of the game for free or at a cut-rate price.After you are given a video game tester job, the video game companies will mail you a copy of the beta version of the video game for play testing. Occasionally, there will be a document which you will need to fill up once you find out any glitch. At other times, all you need to do is to fill up an online form. Your role as a game tester is to find and report problems and game defects. You will need to make a detailed report on how to recreate each problem you identify and communicate it with the game company. You need to make detailed notes of things that you do and find, and communicate them in a pro way. You don’t have to work full time, but you do need to accept it as a job, and that it comes with responsibilities.All you need to have is some PC skills and game playing experience. By computer skills, I don’t mean coding and stuff! All you need is to be able to do basic internet like uploading files, emailing and using instant messengers. Your opinion is very important to the game maker and it might be asked by them in a number of ways. And you need to download and install the games which I bet you know all too well!This does not mean that video game tester jobs won’t be fun. Once you get your first pay check you will find how the world looks the other way round – how it is like to get paid testing video games when until very recently you were spending money from your pocket to buy the same games! If video games are really your thing then don’t miss the chance.Do not think that these are some some small companies which nobody knows about. We are talking about the best companies in the business covering all big names in the industry. If you are good enough, you can do really well.If you really are crazy about video games, then it may perhaps be a rewarding career for you. Video game tester jobs will also provide you an opening into the game industry. This is significant as it may possibly create other opportunities in front of you. Game designer and game programmer jobs are even better careers. But this is completely optional and if you design you can go on as a game tester as long as you want.But great things don’t just take place like voodoo. Becoming a tester is a very real possibility but without doing anything, it will not come to your doorstep. If you are aware of where to find them, there are many opportunities everywhere. So how can you make better your chances of finding serious video game tester jobs? If you love playing video and computer games, then it is best that you make good use of your time and try out for the existing video game tester jobs that are there on the internet.

How to Make a Career in Video Games | Video Games

There is a boom in the video games industry. More and more skilled professionals are in demand by game development companies. And there is no dearth of careers in video games. You can choose to become a texture artist, a concept artist, a level designer, a physics programmer, a user interface programmer etc. There are multiple career options waiting for aspiring candidates. But before you step into the video gaming industry to make a career, it is essential to decide which career path you want to choose. Whether you want to choose a programmer’s career, a designer’s career or an artist’s career, it will depend on your interest and skills.Video game development companies are trying to develop computer games or video games that look ‘amazingly real’ and excite and engage users. These companies are targeting not only the fans of video games but also those who play games casually. In order to make the gaming environments more and more realistic, game development companies are looking for talented candidates who have a passion for playing as well as making games.Career Paths That You Can Choose in Gaming Industry
Figure out your interests to pursue a desire career in games industry. Candidates need to have a combination of artistic and technical skills to be successful in their careers. If you really desire to make a profitable career in games, you need to have the knowledge of both the artistic and technical aspects of the games, gaming environments and its multiple elements.Here’s is a list of career paths you can choose when you step into the video gaming industry -Concept Artists
Texture Artists
Level Designer
Physics Programmer
User Interface (UI) Programmer
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmer
Sound Programmer
PublisherVideo game programmers deal with the technical aspect of the game while designers and work on the artistic aspects. Animators deal with object animation techniques. However, all these professionals work as part of a team to make gaming environments exciting, engaging, user friendly and as realistic as possible. Work environments are mostly very casual and it is quite fulfilling coordinating with others specialists and experts in the field of video or computer games.Educational Requirements/ Skills
For most of the video games careers, candidates need to posses a degree in computer science, multimedia arts, graphics arts etc. Additionally, candidates can enroll in training programs and courses offered in game related majors. Today, there are hundreds of schools that offer courses and training in game related majors including video game console design, C++ programming for game developers, introduction to robotics, graphics programming, game mathematics, artificial intelligence for game developers, physics for game developers, video game testing etc. A strong passion for playing and making games, however, is the key requirement for taking up any career in video games industry. Interpersonal skills always play an important role to have a successful career. Candidate need to improve their communication skills, team playing skills, ability to change original ideas as per the game development project requirement, ability to abide by the timeline, ability to have a keen eye for details etc.